Fields are points of Data. When equal points are connected, you have an isoline.

topographic map






Isolines may be called isobars, isotherms or contour lines. It depends on what data are represented. If you were to follow one of these lines around the mountain, you would not increase of decrease in elevation.

topographic map







topographic map 







topographic map







Contour Lines

topographic map






7 Rules of Contour Lines

1. Countour lines never cross

2. Contour lines never touch

3. Contour lines indicate areas of equal elevation

4. Contour lines show a steep slope, far apart countours show a gentle slope.

5. Index llines are darker and show elevation

6. Vs point upstream

7. Hachures denote depression


Our Topographic map

We have a topographic map . We are looking at the landform from a bird's eye view.

topographic map






A Profile

How do we really know what the cross section looks like? We can do this by taking a scrap paper across the area we wish to investigate. After that, we extend the contour lines onto the scrap paper. 

topographic map












Mark the index contour lines.

topographic map topographic map






Points of Data

Below are the points listed from the lines on the scrap to the graph paper according to elevation.

topographic map





A profile is made when the point are connected.

topographic map